16 Interesting Cartoon Recipes to Try


Life is full of fun and creativity.Why not just give the rein to your imagination and make your life sweeter by making some interesting desserts?  Those pretty cakes sold at the shops are usually expensive. If you know how to make them by yourself, then you can enjoy the delicious food and save some extra money at the same time.

In today’s post, we are going to share 16 delicious and cute cartoon recipes with you. They’ve got attractive appearances and yummy taste. Just stay here and learn how to make them. Scroll down and enjoy!

Donald Cakes

Donald Cakes via

Cute and round Donald Duck Cakes. I can’t wait to kiss its yellow mouth and touch its shy cheeks. So lovely.

Up Cake

Up Cake via

This cupcake is inspired by Up. The colorful balloons and white clouds are what we need to take us away from the busy modern life.

Frozen Cake

Frozen Cake via

This nice Frozen cake is wonderful for those little girs who dream to be Elsa. If you find it’s too difficult to make, just show the recipe to a good baker.

Baymax Cupcake

Baymax Cupcake via

Everybody wants to have a best friend, like Baymax, who really cares for you. Both adults and children will love this cute and vivid Baymax cupcake.

Cute Cookies

Cute Cookies  via

You must be familiar with these cute cartoon characters: Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty and Donald Duck, aren’t you? Your children must be happy if you show them these interesting cookies.

Tiger Tails

Tiger Tails via

Those tiger tails look delicious. Follow the recipe and make some at home.

Clover’s Bunny Tail

Clover’s Bunny Tail  via

Can you tell what these bunny tails are? Find the answer from the recipe.

Evil Apple

Evil Apple  via

This is the evil queen and her poisonous apple. Dare you take a bite? Don’t worry. This one is safe and tasty to try.

Edible Brooms

Edible Brooms  via

Amazing! If you have a baker house, I think this can be sold at a very good price.

Jack Skellington Cake

Jack Skellington Cake via

If someone’s birthday is near the Halloween, then this cake will be a wonderful choice for him.

Pinocchio Cookies

Pinocchio Cookies via

These Pinocchio cookies are vivid and colorful. It’s really interesting to taste these cookies.

Cute Olaf Bento

Cute Olaf Bento via

Many people like make assorted lunch box for whom they love. As for this  Olaf bento, it is rather ideal for your naughty kids who always say no to meals.

Mrs. Potts Cakes

Mrs. Potts Cakes  via

Cute shapes and nice colors. On the cozy family day, just make these pretty cakes for your family.

Frozen Ice Cubes

Frozen Ice Cubes  via

Nothing is better than icy frozen cubes during those scorching summer days.


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