24 Fun & Sexy Short Brown Hairstyles 2022 – Dark & Light Brown, Brunette

Ear-length pixie

There’s something that is so sexy and yet also mysterious about a brunette. And when she’s a woman who decides to wear a short hairstyle, that makes her 100 times more alluring.

Whether you’re a natural brown-haired girl or you’re thinking about adding some brown hair color to your tresses, if you’re looking for the perfect short haircut, look no further. You’re about to see over 20 styles that are just as fun, sexy (and yes, even mysterious) as you are.

1. Bob and bangs

Bob and bangs
Bob and bangs/via

Bobs are so popular right now. They’re really feminine and also very easy to take care of. This is even more the case if you decide to go with a chin-length bob and bangs. It’s literally the kind of hairstyle where you can get up and go!

2. Blunt bob with peaks of color

Blunt bob with peaks of color
Blunt bob with peaks of color/via

This is a blunt bob that’s been cut with a razor. A part of what makes it “blunt” is the ways the bangs have been styled. What makes it super unique are the small peaks of red hair color at the bottom. (You can also clip on small pieces of weave if you’d prefer.)

3. Long bangs pixie

Long bangs
Long bangs pixie /via

This is one way to wear a pixie cut. We’re sure that the color is natural (nice) and the long bangs offer plenty of styling options.

4. Curly bob

Curly bob
Curly bob/via

Do you happen to have naturally curly hair? If so, why not go with a curly bob like this one? If you add some layers to the cut, it will look nice and full.

5. Touches of blue

Touches of blue
Touches of blue/via

This is a standard pixie cut. But it’s certainly an unforgettable one thanks to the streaks of blue that are going all throughout it (you can also use weave clips to achieve this look as well).

6. Feathered pixie

Feathered pixie
Feathered pixie/via

If you look really close, doesn’t it seem like there are feathers in her pixie cut? It’s a type of cutting technique that a professional stylist can do for you in order for you to achieve similar results.

7. Ear-length pixie

Ear-length pixie
Ear-length pixie/via

Wow! How can you not immediately fall in love with this ear-length pixie cut. The layers and the subtle asymmetrical angles give it plenty volume and depth. It’s an eye-catch to the ninth degree.

8. Short shag

Short shag
Short shag/via

Being that the 70s are back when it comes to fashion, so are shag cuts. Only clearly they have a bit of a modernized look to them as you can see with this super cute short shag.

9. Retro bob

Retro bob
Retro bob/via

Speaking of throwback hairstyles, doesn’t this retro bob make you think of the 60s? It was sexy then. And it’s still sexy now.

10. Long pixie

Long pixie
Long pixie/via

Here’s a rather long pixie cut. If you happen to already have short hair and you’re looking for a way to make a smooth transition into longer hair, this is one of the ways to do just that.

11. Clipper cut on the sides

Clipper cut on the sides
Clipper cut on the sides/via

Here’s a pixie for someone who wants their hairstyle to have a bit of an edge to it. You can either shave one or both sides in order to make your haircut stand out even more.

12. Long razor cut

Long razor cut
Long razor cut/via

If you have naturally thin hair, this look is probably not going to give you the results that you’re after. On the other hand, if your hair is pretty thick, this long razor cut is…everything.

13. Pixie with brown highlights

Pixie with brown highlights
Pixie with brown highlights/via

Here’s a pixie with highlights that may not be as drastic as the blue ones that you’ve already seen. But they can still add plenty of pop and personality to your hairdo.

14. Asymmetrical with blonde highlights

Asymmetrical with blonde highlights
Asymmetrical with blonde highlights/via

Or you can wear an asymmetrical short cut and then get a few small blonde highlights. It’s sweet and simple yet quite visually effective.

15. Super short pixie

Super short pixie
Super short pixie/via

Don’t feel like spending a ton of time on your hair? We totally understand. A super short pixie can keep you looking like a fashion model while also keeping up with your hectic schedule.

16. Brown and red bob

Brown and red bob
Brown and red bob/via

There’s nothing like a professional hair coloring. Take this bob, for example. It’s hard to tell if her hair is brown with red chunks of color or red with brown chunks of color. Either way, it’s pretty electrifying.

17. Asymmetrical pixie

Asymmetrical pixie
Asymmetrical pixie/via

This is basically an asymmetrical pixie. We like this smooth and sleek one because it will look good with thin or thick hair.

18. Spiky cropped bob

Spiky cropped bob
Spiky cropped bob/via

If you’ve thought about getting a bob but the first thing that comes to your mind is “BOR-ING”, how about a spiked cropped one like this one. The many layers are what we like so much about it. What about you?

19. Longer shag

Longer shag
Longer shag/via

We already showed you a shorter version of the shag. Here is a longer one. Still cute. Still memorable.

20. Spiked pixie

Spiked pixie
Spiked pixie/via

Or you could go with a brown spiked pixie. With a gloss treatment, it could end up earning you quite a bit of compliments.

21. Bob with a tapered back

Bob with a tapered back
Bob with a tapered back/via

This is basically a messy A-line bob. Brunettes with naturally wavy hair would look really good in it.

22. Chin-length bob

Chin-length bob
Chin-length bob/via

This is a short chin-length bob. If you decide to go with this look, ask your stylist to give you a heavy bang. It will add more dimension.

23. ‘Fire’ Mohawk

'Fire' Mohawk
‘Fire’ Mohawk/via

Yep. It’s pretty radical but if you want to look “hot like fire”, this Mohawk (and the way it is colored) would certainly be the way to do it.

24. Modified bowl cut

Modified bowl cut
Modified bowl cut/via

Until this picture, you may have thought that a bowl cut was one of the worst ways to wear your hair. But when it’s a bowl merged with a shag, you’ll be sure to have one of the most unique cuts and looks, no matter what crowd you’re in.

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