20 Hair Color Ideas for Medium & Long Hair: Hair Color Ideas 2022


If you’re entering the fall season then as well as embracing a change in the weather – why don’t you embrace a change in style too? A change in the season is the perfect opportunity to spice up your look and embrace a wonderful new hair style; whether that’s a gorgeous new colour, cut or style.

20 Hair Color Ideas for Medium & Long Hair - Hair Color Ideas 2021

We’ve gathered some gorgeous looks together in one place to inspire you to embrace change this fall and switch up your hair game.

Chestnut Brown Curly Hair

If you’re looking to embrace a new hair colour this fall, then the most perfect colour to adopt is this stunning chestnut brown. This gorgeous red-toned brown is rich, warm and oh so glossy – it looks simply stunning on these long locks, don’t you agree? This lady has curled her hair in lovely ringlets which highlights the shine of this wonderful hair.

Fiery Red to Blonde Ombre

Fall is all about warm colour tones – and nothing is more warming than a fiery red, right? This gorgeous girl certainly thinks so, and has created a beautiful and vibrant look which is perfect for welcoming the change of season. Working from a warming red to a lovely blonde in a smooth transition, this glossy cut looks simply stunning all straight and sleek.

Loosely Tousled Red and Blonde Ombre

Another red and blonde colour combination; this stunning hairstyle works with a more muted red tone that blends in a lovely ombre transition to a warm blonde. The two colours work together seamlessly to create an absolutely gorgeous look that is fit for fall – especially because of the loosely tousled curls she’s opted for to style her look. Find more ombre hair color ideas here.

Curly Blonde Long Bob

To welcome the new season, this incredibly beautiful lady has gone for the chop and opted for a vibrant blonde long bob which falls just around the shoulders. We couldn’t applaud her decision more, and think she looks utterly fantastic! She’s lightened the ends of her hair with a gorgeous light blonde colour and curled it loosely for bounce and body.

Glossy Brown Locks with Caramel Highlights

If you’re fortunate enough to be blessed with strong, long and shiny hair, then the most simple way to change it up ever so slightly for the new season is to opt for some beautifully subtle highlights to create a glorious sun kissed finish to the style. This lady has gone for sophisticated caramel streaks to lift her rich brown hair which she’s curled to perfection.

Black to Brown Curls

This lady has the most striking glossy black hair which looks so thick and healthy – that’s what hair dreams are made of! She’s chosen to add a subtle element of colour to her dark hair by working in an ombre transition to a lovely and rich brown tone. She’s added lovely thick curls throughout the length of her hair to highlight the amazing colour change.

Stunning Copper Style with Flicked Ends

This gorgeous lady is blessed with the most beautiful copper tone to her natural hair colour, which is the most beautiful tone for the Fall season with such a warming look. The layers are shorter around the face and longer for the rest of the hair, which is straight and sleek. She’s flicked the ends loosely to create a stunning curved line that we adore. Do you love this long hairstyle?

Stunning Highlighted Ringlets

This stunning lady has warmed up her beautiful caramel-toned blonde hair with some stunning bleached blonde highlights throughout, running from root to tip. This adds a beautiful lift to this gorgeous long hair, and she’s curled it into breathtaking ringlets throughout to add a stunning shape to this beautiful colour and welcome the Fall with open arms.

Red and Orange Loose Curls

This absolutely gorgeous long hair is thick, glossy and quite frankly magical – we can barely take our eyes off it! In an utterly stunning and vibrant red colour, this hair is the perfect colour scheme for Fall. With a beautiful orange layer tucked underneath, this lady has added loose curls to the end to mix the two colours together in a seamless fashion.

Blue-Black and Red

We can barely tear our eyes away from this absolutely mesmerising hair style which is full of beautiful glossy colours! The base colour is a striking blue-black tone which is shiny and shimmery, and this incredibly fashionable girl has added deep mahogany red highlights throughout the entire hair, creating a stunning finished look that we just adore.

Brown and Lilac Graduated Bob

Hair color ideas – Why not go for the chop to celebrate the new season like this gorgeous lady has? She’s opted for an incredibly stylish graduated bob which finishes longer around the jaw line and slopes to a shorter cut around the back. Her beautiful brown lob hair has been highlighted with chunky lilac streaks to create a simply gorgeous finish that we can’t get enough of.

Roughly Tousled Red Curls

Another stunning auburn shoulder length hairstyle has made the selection and we simply couldn’t be happier – we think this hair look is absolutely and utterly beautiful. This lady has chosen to accentuate her stunning red hair by chopping shorter layers to frame the face, and then roughly tousling the hair for a big, bold and voluminous style that we think looks incredible.

Silver to Blonde Ombre

This gorgeous lady has bucked the trend and opted for a light and bright hair colour scheme for the Fall season, as opposed to rich and warm, and we must say – we absolutely love it! Working from a striking silver tone at the root of the hair in an ombre transition to a bleached blonde at the end, she’s curled the ends loosely for a light and bouncy finish.

Black and Red Loose Curls

Why not opt for a beautiful balayage look for a new look that is completely and utterly on trend? This gorgeous woman has worked a breathtaking and warming red tone into her glossy black hair via a striking balayage transition that we simply can’t get enough of. She’s loosely curled the ends of the hair to highlight the amazing colours at work.

Black to Copper Curls

We absolutely adore the colour melt that an ombre hair style provides; blending two colour tones together in the most seamless transition. This lady has opted to take her black hair to a stunning light copper colour, with one colour melting into the other in a gorgeous way/ She’s added lovely barrel curls throughout for a striking finish ideal for an event or occasion.

Curly Cropped Cut

This absolutely breathtaking and beautiful lady has cropped her hair short and embraced her beautiful natural tight ringlets to create this striking hairstyle, and we couldn’t imagine a more gorgeous hairstyle, could you? Her lovely graduated bob sits nicely below the ear, slightly longer at the front and slightly shorter at the back. We love the rich brown tone too! And you can find more short curly hairstyles for black women here.

Black and Purple Glamorous Curls

To change her look to meet the new season, this lady has implemented an absolutely beautiful purple layer of hair underneath her top glossy black layer of hair. She’s opted for a stunning and glamorous curled style, adding ringlets to the hair from the jaw down, which perfectly accentuates the purple layer she’s chosen in a fashionable and beautiful way.

Chestnut Brown Curly Hair

Many of the hairstyles featured thus far have included multiple colour tones and fancy blends from one shade to another, but we think that opting for one solid colour can be equally effective and every bit as beautiful. This gorgeous chestnut brown hair has been curled to perfection and looks oh so stunning, don’t you agree?

Auburn Barrel Curls

If you are fortunate enough to be blessed with such a beautiful natural hair colour like this lady clearly is, then you need to opt for a gorgeous style to show it off to it’s full potential; like this lady has done! She’s used tight barrel curls from the top of the head to the bottom, to create a simply glorious bounce and shape to this impeccable style.

A change in season is the perfect opportunity to embrace a new style and we urge you to trial something new and feel fabulous about yourself. The Styles Weekly team work tirelessly to bring you the best hair inspiration on the web, so be sure to keep checking back for your latest dose of hair inspiration!

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